Reviews of Wireless Leveling Compressors

Benefits of Wireless AIRLIFT Compressor

AIR LIFT 72000 comes as a blessing to us as it provides the best wireless air leveling compressor. Below are just a few of the benefits that just scrub the surface.
• It is smaller, lighter and durable, given the functions it can do.
• It eliminates the hooking up operation of the truck, totally saving me valuable time and money.
• Just enter the required psi on remote control that comes with the system and start driving. No more hectic time-consuming air adjustments.
• It is also possible to level the air after we have started driving right from the truck cab to get the best pressure according to conditions.
• No need to crawl below to check the air level; just click PSI through wireless remote and it’s done.
• No worries of tire bottoming, as the system will automatically keep up the input air pressure throughout the journey.

Airlift 7200-1
A truck owner is expected to know the type of jobs that he will be performing, the specific tools that will be run with the air compressor and the maximum space that is provided for fitting the compressor.

Working of Air Suspension System

Compressed air is used as air-lift springs in air bags to pressurize the air in the suspension which replaces conventional steel springs. The spring cushion produced by air softens and lessens the contact area between the springs and axles. Thus providing the proper and safe headlight aims by stabilizing the vehicle level. Load compensation is done automatically by increasing or reducing the air pressure giving vent to a smoother ride, by eliminating the sway and sag of vehicle.

The automatic air lifting system helps keeping the front side and the center of gravity of truck, as low as possible. The system functions the air vents out while commuting and in while hauling and towing, balancing both sides in the event of load bolstering on any side.

Gone are the days when work truck was just a means of transporting the technician or engineer from one facility to another. With the term work trucks gaining importance as a fully fitted workshop on wheels, equipping your truck with the right tools for the right job is of utmost importance.

Recommendations to Users:
I know lots of people in the habit of contradicting each good or bad product as I can see some adverse reviews about this air leveler, too. Neither they read the installation or fitting instructions of the manufacturer nor the small tutorial in this post. Once you know yourself about how the device works, I bet you won’t need go to any road side mechanic for its maintenance. I believe in a good truck driver who is better than any worse mechanic to engineering the things, day-to-day.

Load Controller One Working:

About the Compression Technology

Introducing the only pinpoint technology to give your vehicle the extra bounce and even air flow during jerky performances; high resilience and extra breath-ability offer ideal support and comfort in remote areas. Airlift automotive air springs seldom give you up in toughest road conditions, even, due to their highest compressive strength and quickest recovery factor, for better cushioning of the loaded vehicles.

The company goes some extra miles to ensure the design of automatic oil-free compressors, connected with the double cast iron cylinder and 4 HP motor, with an advance time testing technology. This is the lowest maintenance device with aluminum block pump for delivering a continuous pressure of 125 PSI using 10 ampere current. The most powerful compressor goes up to 10000 kilo meters without oiling any of its parts, designed for the ease of driving. The system performs better if you have air lifting springs together.

Brief Tutorial for Installation of AIR LIFT 72000 Compressor

The initial installation takes some time depending on your mechanical wrenching skills in the garage. If you are not the technical type, then consider a professional installer to complete the initial set-up. For me, it just took a few beers and a couple of hours to set-up, and it starts working. That being said, I know my way with tools pretty well and can assemble/ disassemble basic fitments without problem.
The installation is pretty basic depending on your equipment and does not require drilling holes.
Airlift 7200-Gauge

About the Company

Airlift is an innovative company engaged in producing original equipment, vastly used as automotive replacement units. Most of their air springs, split washers and pressure nuts, come with their life guarantee. The company attained ISO 9001-2000 certification as original components manufacturer in the field of auto parts. Their global monopoly comes true mainly, in the production of air suspension systems, proudly used in emergency and recreational vehicles. Trucks cars and vans are seldom deprived off the toughest spring suspension, for the last 60 years.


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