Top 5 Electric Rice Cookers

3 Cup Rice Cooker

Love a small as well as cheaper Sushi rice electric cooker for your home? Go for the Zojirushi brown the best cooking media, the chefs bet for its quality baking without trailing one’s budget. Celebrate her birthday with non-stick colored cookware with heavy duty pots that are metal spoon friendly and work on each heat source whether it’s gas stove or oven. Put it to use along with the warmer for keeping the rice fluffy and warm, all the day. The brand has been in service for the last 50 years with its Excellency and outstanding reliability tag.

Zojirushi NS TSC10 Cooker-2
This automatic rice cooker with steamer saves a plenty of time on every lot of cooked rice. Here are 5 of the top rated brands researched for the families fond of relishing brown rice. No wonder, if one stumbles upon the NS-LAC05XA having 3 cup capacity. It’s virtually paying for the convenience in a medium range which is in all a computerized baking up 2 to 4 cups, easily. The automated menu facilitates the process of reheating with its warmer cycle.

How to Use Electric Rice Cooker – Instructions
The company achieved a testimony to trust by gaining continuous reputation through unique service over the years, with the out-of-box thinking done today that others may feel tempted to do tomorrow. This electric cooker may once cost a few extra bucks but gives the lifetime advantage if required to use extensively, at any point of the time.Click Here to Read Detailed Review-2

Zojirushi Rice Cooker

The NS-TSC10 5.5 cup Fuzzy logic cooker is best to cook about 5 cups of brown rice without the resulting food being hard or soft. Moreover, contains itself, letting one free for other works and does not use any liquid or fuel gas. The modern device allows one to happen around the house though the cooking process carries on comfortably. Any process of baking usually demands a little care and attention to ensure that the food cooks, properly.

The chefs and home cooks achieve a new world of convenience through its effortless controls over time and temperature. The Cool Touch cooker offers a delicious tray of rice with the click of a button, and the same time saves you a lot of precious time and cuts off electricity bills. The digital sensors once set for a quantity rarely need any change in routine. Just press the menu button with a preset qualifier and all is over. They keep us tension free too, having spent a little extra.

Invest in Happiness
It does include the nonstick rice spoon and holder and a variety of recipes along. The radial pan and heating system referred to fuzzy logic will astonish with the quality of cooked rice, any time one switches it on, specifically the LCD timer and clock for the finally done signal. Detach each part like the lid and spacer to wash separately. The silver brown color of the vessel looks attractive adding an extra fine charm to the kitchen.

No worries, if I ever forget to switch it off as it won’t be harming the cooked material or the device. The whole variety from Zojirushi arrives, incorporated with inbuilt timers and sensors. I need not worry at least for the burning of the rice. One is free to avail of this default level search any time he has decided to purchase this smartest kitchen gadget.

2016 Rice Cooker Ratings:
One just needs to decrease the time he puts within the kitchen, preparing food with the aid of the 6-Quart Electric Pressure Cooker. It can be safe and easy to utilize, cooks as much as 60% faster than any standard technique with more nutritious value.

Tiger the Best Rice Cooker Consumer Reports

Tiger Rice Cooker
Any cookers review were incomplete, was I missing to mention the JNP model from the Tiger. The Jag line also enjoys the favorable reviews if checked online. During the consumer analysis also, all owners report this multi-cooker leaving positive remarks. You can simply steam chicken and fish besides fresh vegetables. It preserves the original flavor without drying the cooked food, is the main specialty of this meal maker.

Whenever we strive for the menu of multipurpose devices, there is no second thought about the tiger America rice cooker. It can prepare the trusted varieties of rice either the Brown or the Sushi with meats and vegetables. One can comfortably make soups and stews due to its non-stick container, can be detached conveniently for cleaning after its use.

The Tiger America is the appropriate choice for the both i.e. suiting the needs of a joint family who cook in bulk or a single person cooking small quantity. People also like this cooker due to its easy removing pot. One can’t count even a few bad points about this warming system.

Panasonic Rice Cooker

A well tested Panasonic SR-DE103 5-Cup Rice Cooker is more likely to be a possible option for the folks. Usually, they can prepare even ten rice cups in a single go that is sufficient to fulfill an average household needs. Lots of critiques regarding testing the rice cookers may try to turn towards their models, but might be ideal for the others.

02 Panasonic SR-DE Big Image-2

The kitchen companion from Panasonic is as competent as a device with twice the price displaying the same specifications. There is no formidable opinion about terminating one’s decision, once he makes up his mind to bring home such good cooking equipment. The three years warranty certificate along with cooking instructions accompanies the purchase online. The graceful unit can draw the attention of any guest at the time of dinner.

One should seldom confuse by resting the Panasonic and National on the same pan as far their brand names. Earlier, the Panasonic itself was selling his cookers naming with the national rice cookers. Still, the obsoleted brands are non-fuzzy for your extra clarification. The latest Panasonic cookers fitted with the advanced technique take lesser time in cooking, as well as preserving the flavor of the food.

Consumers out there, searching for a fast or a gradual quality cooker usually find themselves, buying a Panasonic rice cooker. Whereas they’re made to prepare dinner, all forms of rice to the consistent level without sticking or burning of the container. They also offer to steam seafood, vegetables and meats, and slow cooking meals as well. Panasonic produces them with a variety of features in different capacities, making them an appropriate buy for any family.Click here to Read Detailed Review-3.

Interesting Information About Fried Rice Cooking:

Cuisinart Rice Cooker

Cuisinart offers an effortless approach to effective rice cooking and other food. Preparing the gadget to fill an adequate amount of water and rice, following proper instructions is enough to organize the stuff, appropriately. Does one need slow baking at low temperatures? The Cuisinart CRC 4-Cup Rice Cooker is the top choice for a small family. It also offers delicious recipes booklet with a new purchase.

03 Cuisinart Rice Cooker

The Cuisinart is worth considering for anyone searching an average cost electric cooker. The people living in the dorms or residing as couples can easily afford its CRC-400 model, starting from $48. It won’t pose any problem to a family of 6 members even. The lowest price along with superb quality has added to its popularity among the people, who cannot spend extra but deserve rice cooking at their home.
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10-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Maker:

Zojirushi NP HTC Cooker

Zojirushi NS-HTC18 is a premium 10 cup Nero Fuzzy logic cooker. One can bring home this wonderful piece at about $350. The smartest tool promises to depart optimum performance in any climate or height. Rice cooking tools today, have easy access to any budget level, still refrain buying one, with too cheap a price and so small in capacity.

The vessel keeps sealed during the whole process of cooking as an insulator of heat owing to its hinged lids. It cooks faster by maintaining the inside constant temperature. The outer periphery, no doubt, remains cool if you happen to touch any of its part.

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Panasonic 23 Cup Commercial Rice Cookers

Panasonic 23 Cup Commercial Rice Cooker
The best method of cooking rice is a commercial cooker which will cook about 5 liters of the food and keep it hot for serving around 8 hours. This provides a great standby for any commercial kitchen as there is always a product ready for service. This is ideal for the kitchen that expects to serve for long sessions a full meal menu with times of full fast service and times of lower demand. It is also possible to source rice warmers so that it can be cooked in the first unit and stored in the second one.

These units can take up to 21 liters and so give an excellent bulk storage system to cope with the rushes and keep the rice warm for many a hours. These units only use small amounts of power and control at a holding temperature with ease. The cooking/holding bowls are made of a Teflon coated material to give a good non-stick surface, by which the rice can be easily served from and the vessel cleaned easily.

According to the search carried by the US Department of energy and testing, the device has an efficiency of 85% and in terms of savings you can save up to 50-60 percent of electricity billing as compared to any typical cook top. Basically, any amount of rice leftover must be cooled to room temperature as soon as possible, and then it should undergo the refrigerator conditions.

The cooling to room temperature must be carried out for 1.5 hours, and whilst this is easy with small quantities, larger amounts should be divided into smaller lots to assist cooling. General storage is better in smaller quantity anyway to keep them prompt for the future use.

The rice needs dumping in case it is not placed in the refrigerator within 1.5 hours also when stored often tend to clump together. And on removal, these clumps need re-hauling and heating immediately until at least at 75 degrees C for at least two minutes for making it absolutely safe and worth eating.
Black & Decker Rice Cookers:

Black & Decker 2 Good
Black and Decker RC3303 3-Cup Rice Cooker is the need of a small kitchen. In addition to having the sturdy name that often brings ideas of high quality to mind, the cooker provides all the basic features that any respectable rice cooker should possess. It makes one feel free to steam green vegetables, same time the rice cooking is in progress with the help of an included steam tray.

Black and Decker aim to establish their rice cookers as global cooking tools. They have maintained the reputation for their product quality and an end-user value. It’s is a handier appliance for the cooking of rice and some other foods, and is equally good for the students and home dwellers who seldom own a spacious kitchen.

The people demand 16-Cup Black Rice cookers due to several aspects and considerations. The first one is that it fulfills the needs for the small as well as a large family. One can simply make a choice from 3 to 28 cup cooker, from the various models of this cooking device.

The monitoring of rice while cooking is safe and easier. The glass lid equipped with the steam-vent withholds the right amount of warmth and steam inside. All the handling parts including the lid remain cooler, permitting one to serve the next second, it’s ready.

Is there any harm in making rice in an electric cooker? Some people often inquire. The answer is NO! Not at all. That is not only me but announced by the research carried out by various labs and government institutions, and the opinion of the manufacturers, too. The beginners should never hesitate to benefit from such a modern device, specially designed to enhance taste and interest among the millions of rice eating fans.
The Difference Between Sushi and Ordinary Rice:

If you haven’t enjoyed the Sushi rice earlier, let me explain; It’s drum type usually and not the cylindrical like the ordinary brown or the brighter ones. Any ordinary pressure cookers leave it hard at the core, and you can’t relish the real taste. About two years ago our daughter-in-law from Japan brought us a packet of 1 Kg. Sushi. We tried a quarter of the quantity in an ordinary pressure cooker at least for 10 minutes but of no taste. The rest we took back along last year, we went to Osaka. She prepared the same Sushi in the Zojirushi cooker adding some prawns. You won’t believe perhaps, I with my wife were licking the fingers by the end of leaving the dining table.
Benefits of Fuzzy Logic Over Ordinary Rice Cooker:

Now you see where was the lapse scarifying the taste. While cooking it in the ordinary pressure pot, we supposed the baking is complete after 5 minutes or the maximum 10, but it needs the soaking and warming time for coral cooking. That’s why when she prepared it in a fuzzy logic and opened after an hour, the same Sushi had awfully fluffed with the stunning taste, worth relishing. Of course, the prawns or any seafood adds to the investment.