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The reviews of steam vacuum cleaner are as much important to me as the utmost protection of my family from the germs. I am of the view that If one’s head is intact he may wear a thousand hats. At the same time, I will be revealing it to the readers, how this steam-aided gadget was performing at my house? Also listing down the troubles and benefits experienced practically while using this vacuum machine. Hope this helps everyone in attaining a clear sight, whether this vacuum were capable of delivering something extra or proving an ordinary choice for the average person.

Best Vacuum Cleaner 2016

01 Intro Hoover Steamvac 5914-900F-Wide3
Most popular and best vacuum cleaner currently on the market is Hoover steam vac with Clean Surge F5914-900, as it is capable of removing any type of stain that you may have on your carpets; additionally, it is able to properly clean upholstery, bare floors and high traffic areas.

You seldom need to apply any force while using it because of its free moving trolley type wheels. Another reason for most of the home owners to prefer this vacuum cleaner is its cost effectiveness, throughout the life. When one uses the steam vac, he can save approximately $200, yearly because there is no need to hire a commercial steamer specialist to clean the carpets. Presently, it costs about $136 and is enjoying more than 4 tons of reviews.

Benefits of Hoover Steam Vac with Clean Surge F5914-900:
This Home Steam Vacuum cleaner has impressed me with all of its features last year. Some of the features of the steam vac include:

  1. The steam vac has an adjustable speed 12 AMP motor, which works in conjunction with 5 spinning brushes to remove approximately 99% of the dirt from your carpets.
  2. The Hoover Steam Vacs are equipped with 2 water tanks; one for clean water and one for dirty water. The clean water tank is where the detergent and hot water are mixed, while the dirty water tank holds the waste. Both tanks can easily be detached.
  3. One of the best features of the steam vac is the Clean Surge mechanism. This mechanism is very helpful when you are trying to remove stubborn stains. The Clean Surge is a unique feature of the Hoover F5914-900, which releases the cleaning solution directly on to the stain. Once the stain is removed, you should release the button, and the vacuum cleaner with release hot air to dry the wet spot.
  4. The eight foot hose and the brush rotators indicator are very helpful in using the five brushes and the cleaning solution in effectively removing stains or dirt from your upholstery or bare floors.
  5. It also features a 27-inch cord (wraparound), a handle release pedal and an on and off foot pedal.

Hoover Max-Extract Dual V Carpet Cleaner

02 Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner, F7452900
When one purchases the steamvac on, he can get a discount of 25% off the regular price; additionally, get free shipping.
Special features of the Hoover dual V cleaner include clean surge, a multiple Spin Scrub rotating brush system and tool set that is on-board. Included tools are the upholstery brush, turbo tool, Spin-scrub rotating brush and a powered Spin Scrub hand tool. It also includes a sixteen ounce fiber cleansing formula. These machines eject dry vapor steam onto surfaces. Dry steam is superheated water, up to 350°F that can melt or dissolve many types of impurities, including chewing gums residue.

If one is looking for a vacuum cleaner that is not only cost effective, but can also properly clean your floors and carpet, then he should think about purchasing the Hoover steam vacuum with Clean Surge F5914-900. Be certain, one cannot get clear floor at all that is true for his traditional mop and bucket. While rinsing the mop he is again making an attempt to scrub the ground with soiled water.

Max-Extract Dual V Carpet Cleaner


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Steam Vacuums Ratings and Comparison

Steam-vac With Clean Surge-the Con’s:
Even though the Hoover steam vac with Clean Surge F5914-900 is a great vacuum cleaner that has wonderful features, it does have its disadvantages. There are some Vac owners, who have come to the conclusion that the vacuum cleaner can be difficult to maintain. This also has something to do with the fact that when the cleaner is being used for spot cleaning, it does take quite a while to set up.

One other concern that owners of the Hoover F5914-900 have, has to do with the size of the vacuum cleaner. Even though it is lightweight, it is larger than most Hoover models. But these are more than not the problems associated with almost any vacuum cleaner in the world. So I was not worried about them when I purchased. And I was right as I have absolutely loved it during the past one year.

Clean and Green Environment: This cleaner also produces a cleaner environment for children and pets, along with making the job much easier. Machines that use chemicals or even mops drenched in bleach can emit toxins into the air as they evaporate. This greatly affects the air quality in a room or building. Children can become ill when exposed to these toxins on a regular basis. Those with allergies and asthma are especially susceptible to having difficulty breathing when they come in contact with contaminated air.

Merely sweeping or vacuuming over the surface before working the steam floor cleaner will prepare the spot that must be cleaned. Press the set off to release the mist before passing it over the surface. To completely sanitize a sure area, leave the cleaner in one spot for 15 seconds, but not longer than 20. A green steamer does not require many steps for cleaning.

Hoover Cordless Vacuum

Hoover Cordless Steam Mop
BH50140-Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0
The light weight cordless steam vacuum launched by Hoover has great suction and working capacity that is far away effective looking its size and weight. Also, Its charging lasts longer than Dyson and Canister vacuums which are bigger in overall weight and size. The next thing while selecting a cordless mop is its charging and usage time. Once charged for an hour; it can work restlessly for 45 minutes which is sufficient to clean a 3 BHK home.

Moreover, the decorative LED lights will also help you show the right cleaning path when it’s dark, without losing any charge. It holds an inbuilt easy to empty one KG dirt cup that means you get rid of the detachable dirt bags. Amazing self security is one of its far most advantages if jammed with some cord or cloth on the floor the machine stops working until someone restarts it.

If one is on the track of using this cordless beauty from Hoover, he will find it hard to go for any regular vacuum, in the future.

Carpet Cleaning With Bissell Steam Vacuum

BISSELL PowerSteamer PowerBrush Full Sized Carpet Cleaner, 1623

You can’t surpass Bissell Power Brush while looking for a good quality vacuum. The newly designed tool has been made to work on various types of carpets, and surfaces constructed with wood, bamboo or the stone floors. A lot of people are now purchasing this cleaner as it can clean the surfaces you want without damaging them. The cleaner works in a way to remove all dirt along with the bacteria as well.

The power brush can easily get into the previously impossible locations due to the design of their head that cleans and rotates through 360 degrees. They did not stop there; but also shaped it in the way that this cleaner can remove deep stains out of carpet. The vacuum is quiet as well for the people hating noise.

They have developed the technology that can efficiently work on shag piles, slate wood or the flat vinyl surface without the aid of chemicals. This is friendlier to environment as it sucks in the dirt and reuses the filtered water, moreover, produces no fumes. As such the vacuum makes your life easier with its futuristic design retractable cable to run into the entire room and the inbuilt water heater that starts working within the 30 seconds of switching it on. Still It is compact and cheap.

Shark Lift-Away Professional Vacuum (NV356E)

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E)
Another one to try is the Shark navigator capable of disinfecting besides cleaning. This one is cheapest and weighs lesser than the others, so easier to move around, too. It produces steam in only 30 seconds so one can clean without waiting for any restricted time. It has broader cleaning path to reduce working on linoleum floors and carpet cleaning. This is the trusted brand that one most likely wants to have at home.

The swivel joint fitted upon the head of the steamer makes it smoother to glide over the carpet during cleaning operations. It is amazing to see it quietly deodorizing the carpets while steaming goes on smoothly, what usually helps me go longer among the major cleanings. My family is of great importance to me that is what inspires me to add a self defense tool to the list of my home appliances, the Shark gliding mop.

I do appreciate their results as I have been cleaning my carpets for the last eleven months. The bacteria commonly drag into by our shoes, and our carpets add to such goodies, prove that once after the development they can live quite a time. The Shark bacteria elimination tool is not only a vacuum steamer to revitalize the floor area but makes it hygienic practically, too.

Earlier it was not feasible for a common homeowner to freshen their carpets with steam but at present cleaning with the same has become very popular. The average person can now free to revive the carpets in his homes and keep them fresh and odor-free by using the Shark carpet glider mop.

This finishes my steam vacuum cleaner review and hope all enjoyed reading it to reach the conclusion.

Stream Vacs Review -Conclusion
I love this home vacuum from Hoover and will like to buy it again for the price and features. I have gifted one to my younger sister who just married. She has been putting it in regular use, as well.