Use of Electric Rice Cooker

Muddling recipes instructions on how to cook Sushi and brown rice with the use of an electric rice cooker raise some confusions among the newbies and commonly user community; particularly, for them who bought a refurbished one without the manual or hired from a neighbor.

1. Rinse Rice or Not Before Cooking
2. Water Ratio to Rice
3. How to Start with the Fuzzy Logic – First Time
4. The Cooking Time

Perfectly Cooked Brown Rice

    Rinse or Not Before Cooking

The Wild and Basmati brands need a minimum of 10 minutes rinsing, and it’s a must.
If you rinse them for 20 minutes or more they’ll save you extra time while cooking.
Be aware, in normal brands also rinsing rice with water will avoid sticking and getting mushy.
Note: Generally, the problem of sticking or mushing persists in ordinary pressure cookers, add half a teaspoon of any odorless cooking oil.
Preferably, the virgin olive oil.

    Water Ratio to Rice

The ratio of water used is usually 1¼ to 2 times

White Rice Medium Grain – 1¼ Times
White Rice Long Grain – 1½ Times
Brown Rice short Grain – 1½ Times
Brown Rice Long Grain – 2 Times
Sushi Rice – 2 Times

Don’t forget to wipe the cup off after filling up in the wet stage.
Fill 90% of the cup with rinsed rice then pour water up to the top.
Slide your hand, better a knife removing extra rice to level it to the top plane.

    How to Start with the Fuzzy Logic – First Time

Generally, you get the operating manual with every electric or even the ordinary pressure cooker.
The difference is only that you can thoroughly wash and clean the ordinary cooker but not the Fuzzy Logic one.

Caution: Seldom put it as a whole under the tap for cleaning as the electric circuit may short and damage the unit.

1. Wipe the exterior thoroughly with a properly soaked and squeezed cloth.
2. Open the lid, take out the pot and keep aside.
3. Repeat step 1 to clean the inner side of the vessel.
4. Now you can clean the pot taken out in step 2, anyway, you like.
5. Dry the pot and the unit is ready.

Caution: Never fill beyond 2/3 level of the cooking pot.

    The Cooking Time

The cooking time is not a big hitch for this type of technology. The minimum is 30 minutes whereas the maximum limit is 1 hour.

The white rice with medium to larger grains take 25-30 minutes. Set the timer on 40 and forget.
The brown and Sushi Ones consume 40-50 minutes in perfect cooking. So set the timer to 60 minutes, It’ll automatically cut off. Get busy elsewhere. Unplug the device. Do not be eager about opening the lid. let it cool down for a while or experience may tell you. Take out the pot, and enjoy larger and fluffy rice.

Caution: Never confuse by touching outer side the body as it is always cool, even while cooking process goes.

That’s the explanation in short but here is the complete information on brown rice cooking.