Merrick and Purina Pup Foods

I take it as an utmost priority offering my dog the best food and care without taking any chance about its health or safety after all the pet is a part of our family. Whatever we feed them is true, especially, for our canine companions, and nothing good or bad as they accept everything we feed them.

As a pet owner, we do need to educate ourselves about the terms – rendered fats, by-products and animal meals that may refer to various animal parts generally obtained under distressing circumstances. Well, nothing to shock; this is all too often the case as the USDA and FDA are aware of them, and fully disclose all undesired ingredients included if any.

My passion for pets brought me to my search for the safest dog foods on the globe. I hope everyone soon becomes aware of the dangers of feeding his lovely canine companions the unhealthy commercial substitutes. The best way to sift through the dilemma of knowing about the quality pet foods is to compare them with another kind of food product and see which turns out as the better one.

Science Diet Adult dog food

Review of Science Diet Food

Want to know the reason, why the science dog food is best and 4 times costlier than the ordinary ones. An ordinary bag of 10 kg costs $10.75 whereas the former with the same volume is worth 40 dollars, in the US itself. Chicky can even smell the courier when it reaches with a bag of science diet for adult dogs as he has been enjoying it since the age of one. He is 8 now, healthy and smart; seldom leaves me until I open his bag.

The Science-Diet pet food standards for provenance in quality and reliable as they have been approved by unbiased certification authority like USDA. The ingredients used in the manufacturing of Science-diet pet foods are inspected for their quality against the list of ingredients and other claims presented on the product labels. USDA certified organics cannot legally contain any exogenous hormones or antibiotics.

I know the commercial dog feeds known for meat-by-products seldom contain any meats. These are the unpleasant leftovers removed from their bones and hooves. Remember my friends! The dog owner is the one who must be aware of what his dog needs, and it is his responsibility to provide them with safe training, as well as, healthy foods.

This can be a problem if one is feeding his dog the foods that do not have enough nutritional content or accompanied with bad ingredients because this practice can jeopardize their health. That is why as a dog owner it is ones responsibility that his pet is eating what is best for him, and to avoid bad dog foods from feeding the pets.

Merrick Dog Food for Working Dog

Working dog food

Food for Working Dogs:
The Dogs like Akita, German Shepherd, Labrador and Doberman who are considered as working dogs need to be fed properly; as they earn for their keeper as well as their everyday diet. Such dogs need regular dry food diet for their daily jobs – No matter! some of the folks have brought them up as home pets still they never see back whenever put into work, give their owners the astonishing results.

The active performers need more energy due to workloads than ordinary pets. Spying and sporting dogs need nutritious diet being specially formulated by brands like Science-Diet and Purina-Pro Plan, similarly the show dogs need strict and balanced diet to maintain their weight and appearance for all-time–best performance. The owners of such dogs seldom take any risk of going over-weight their cute canines.

Dog Food Ratings 2016

Prices do vary time to time, but the puppy food discount is always there. The Doberman and the German shepherd never face any problem to consume Smoked Salmon as food from taste of the wild, best for hunting dogs, even, which usually like swallowing than chewing anything.

Diamond Adult Dog Dry Food: The foods like diamond adult dry dog food formulated with the combination of plants and animal meats are also good for home pets. I have seen some pups, very fond of vegetables like tomatoes and the carrots. But this is all the matter of taste at early stage. Once you start feeding them with the non-veg or the packed foods in the market, they give up the veggies.

Eating more veggies is not better in the dog’s interest as it has to consume more fruits and veggies to get the same amount of calories, giving away more shit, as compared to a meat compound. But the problem rises if one starts giving pure meat to his dog, it soon becomes more aggressive than ever before. This is why all ask for balanced science-diet today.

Recalling a few decades ago, before the incoming of the brands like pedigree and Purina into the market, making pet food at home was the only choice for dog owners. Canine food regimen had to be a straight-forward resolved matter. It consisted of cooked meat scraps and rice with some occasional left over.

The canines also enjoyed the food variety at an inexpensive good will. But this regimen concerned a good deal of further cooking, storing, purchasing and normal labor. I need not admit the appearance of dry pet food with immense gratitude of that time.

Ingestion of chocolates or caffeine can cause vomiting, diarrhea, excessive panting, irregular urination, seizures, heart problem and in the worst scenario leads to death even. The negative effects of chocolate and caffeine depend on the amount consumed; dark chocolate is dangerous, especially.

Best Dry Puppy Food

The pro-plan diet from Purina that is one of the few healthy brands may extend the life expectancy of pets with enhanced immune system. This can change the fate of a pet by defending it from hazardous cancers, leading to kidney and liver failures, the proven causes of untimely death of homely animals. Talking of dog-years, the myth about 10-12 years of their lifespan stands true for the dogs due to continuous feeding of commercial diets by their owners.

Purina Pro Plan provides the dogs with lots of healthy meats and beneficial fats that they love to eat by nature. One can see a lot of dog diets, even from popular makers like Pedigree and Acana growing corn based. This is amazing each and every dog lover who never spotted any dog eating corn under natural conditions. So I find no reasons as to why shall one do so with his lovely canines at home.

Purina Pro Plan Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy Food

Purina is a reputable brand in pets that produces the quality meals for dogs and other pets, the perfect ones they like. The feed grade ingredients used in dry puppy food, include high quality meat products which are traceable to their original animal sources. Whereas, in many cases the food manufacturers defend the use of such products with the argument that dogs and cats in the wild, commonly eat the remains of a variety of animals. That is true with the exception that they seldom cross the 7 year of age.

Premium foods like pro-plan select dry food, in comparison to the commercial ones, are relatively healthier and produced in a safer way. The reason for this statement is that this kind of food concentrates on developing the main areas in a dog’s health such as his immune system, muscles, teeth and bones. Their main priority in mind is animal’s wellness, and they proudly put profit and capitalization on the consumer’s spending habit only as a secondary priority.

While searching for better food alternatives, the pet lovers are continuously bombarded by the advertisements and commercials which promise to offer nutritional diets. Most of the animal owners are confused with their choice due to an array of advertisements from the most of the pet food brands.

Making Dry Pup Food

The Secret of Commercial Dog Foods:
Whereas In contrast to the premium ones, the industrial dog food manufacturers capitalize more on the consumers’ behaviors and the idea of their spending and buying resolutions. In spite of their budgetary and commercial promise, they are aware of the truth that the nutritional worth of their product is questionable for the elements processed inside the meals. They must be glad until their consumers object.

The secrets of commercial food for dogs concerns with their negative impacts on them. Many a foods are mixed with chemicals which are able to produce meat flavor in the dry corns, even, whereas these foods have low grade ingredients with poor nutritional value. These chemicals can make any dog more aggressive reducing its lifespan and proving deadly in the end. Such chemicals are responsible for the dogs surviving around 12 years, which could easily live in a healthy way unto 22 years in ideal conditions.

Common Concern and Suggestions:
My friends including me all over the world have many things in common about their loving canines. All of us spend a lot of time with our pets and seldom think of living without them. This is why many dog owners are taking great care in choosing the best premium dog foods for their pets.

Peanut shells, weeds, crushed cottonseed hulls and the corn leftovers are the examples of main fillers. These are lacking nutritious value, as well as not good in taste. This is simply a way the pet food manufacturers cut down their production cost.

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