Best Mechanical Riding Toy Horse 2016

ride-on toy horse

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If you are planning to get a ride on toy horse for your little one, then I hope my extensive research will be of some use to you. I bought a mechanical type horse for my angel 3 months ago and did a lot of searching at that time. The list below contains some of the important considerations, reviews and ratings of the most popular riding toys, out there. Horse riding has been one of the most fun activities throughout my life and I really wanted my baby girl to get a feel of it at an early age. Sharing our fun experiences with kids is a source of sheer happiness for many parents like me.

Types of Toy horses
There are three main types of toy horses, the rocking type and the mechanical ride-on type:

  1. The Rocking Toy Horse
  2. Lifelike Sit On Horse
  3. The Mechanical Rock-on Toy Horse

A brief description of all the 3 types of horses is given below.

1. The Rocking type
The rocking type resembles the rocking chair, you get the idea. A little kid is in for some real fun till the time he does not know much about how real horses look or move. The rocking movement keeps the kid engaged and interested. It is a good beginning point for kids around age 3 to 4. Anything above 4 years old and the kids start to feel it is not interesting to rock the horse anymore. This is the time to advance into the next level of horse riding.

2. The Sit On type Lifelike Horses

This type of horses look and feel like real horse and really captivate the attention of the toddlers. These horses do not move and are only good to sit on and look at. They feel a lot like real horse and have very fluffy tail, big eyes and a lovely fur. But other than looks, they do not serve much purpose or provide a entertaining experience.

3. Mechanical Riding Type
But if the kid is big enough to notice how an actual horse is ridden, then he deserves a mechanical type one. This is type where the kids emulate actual horse riding, pushing down on the footrest, making a up and down bouncy motion. This motion pushes the horse in front and is a feeling of extreme joy for kids. The speed and movement depends largely on the bouncy motion of the rider.
My baby liked real horseback rides and toy bikes and stuff, so this was an ideal toy for her.

If you are looking to buy a mechanical type horse, then go for the UFREE Horse as they are the masters in making life like horses which actually are fun to ride. They are currently on a 30% sale, so check out the reviews and rating for the Ufree Mechanical Toy Horse by cling this link.

Some Health Benefits of Mechanical Type Horse Toys
It is not only fun to ride, it makes kids use their stomach, legs and abdomen muscles while learning to balance the toy with their full body control. The toy actually needs some learning if the kid wants to ride it faster. Also, falling down is a possibility, although much less as compared to riding a bicycle.

What Size is the Right Size for Kids?
Kids grow like trees, so if you want your child to enjoy it for a few years, then I will definitely suggest the largest one available. UFREE currently makes the largest mechanical riding horses which are sturdy and strong for a few years. Just get the kid a cowboy hat and a rope to take the riding to a whole new level. A thing to mention is that even adults can ride this type of horse. In the cowboy show at Las Vegas, Arnold Schwarzenegger rode one of these horses.

Good Location for riding the Toy Horses
These horses can be ridden indoor and outdoors, but take care to clear the aisles properly before letting the kid ride indoors. For outdoors, make sure there is no slant slope in the area kid will play in. If there is a slope, there is a possibility of high speed and the horse falling due to imbalance. As with any activity a kid does, some pre-planning about location helps a lot.

Riding Toy Horses Reviews

To read the reviews and know the ratings of each type of horse, kindly click the top image in this post. Feel free to read around real user ratings and reviews on the target page. Currently the horses get a 4 to 5 star rating. Most of the parents rate it very highly in terms of keeping the kids engaged in physical activity for a long time. I am sure nobody wants their kids to keep sitting in front of a computer or a video game whole day. This horse is a great way to let kids exercise while doing something they really enjoy.