Top 10 Juicer Machines

We look into a couple of things necessary for best juicing, the ease of use, little mess, and better results, juicer meeting the entire three criterion, ends up with the top rated list. I made an attempt to research through the consumer reports for making your decision a little easier. Centrifugal juicers included within this site stand for their highest speed, whereas, the masticating ones protect enzymes by juicing at comparatively lower speeds.

Please keep in mind that the very base of my search is the experience and feedback I am receiving from my friends and colleagues, and in no way consider as official information. With that said, let us dive into the commercial and home juicer reviews as I’m not best at beating the bushes and wasting precious time of the busy people.

Best centrifugal Juicer

02 Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain-225 pixels
Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt reports the best, analyzed through consumer’s feedback received from its users of the past. Though the juicer is tub washer safe, yet its parts are detachable to clean separately. This stain free die cast juicer with the titanium plated disk having 3 inch tube; can swallow most of the citrus and non-citrus fruits to extract juice, without taking much time.

As the very first property, the whole machine is equipped with chrome steel parts including the main body. The rust resistant mechanism saves it from the frequent replacement of costly operating parts. Secondly, it doesn’t crush the fruit seeds, so, there is no question of any bitterness in the end product. The history of the company and reliability of their product also make it worth buying a juicing machine.

I purchased this juicing machine three and a half years ago, as I think it was the most popular product of the time. I had no idea of the several types of juicers that could, however, produce some different results. The juicer I owned within the early days was a centrifugal one. I’m happy with the way it is working in a perfect manner and gets the job done.

Whenever one talks about nutritious or healthy diet, the 800Jexl is the first and far most tool to come into his mind. It looks me the fastest media for juicing out raw vegetables and fresh fruits to get juices of own choice within seconds. That is what its consistency par excellence.

Omega Masticating Juicer

The second on the list of is, the Omega J8006 best nutrition center coming as commercial juicer for leafy greens. The machine is easy to operate in spite of its heavy duty parts, easier to take apart for cleaning. It has an auto-pulp-ejection, allows one to use continuously, and seldom gets clogged. The omega engineers designed it to be quiet during juicing and makes juice efficiently with minimum mess.
2 Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Commercial Juicer

The masticating juice extractors, in fact, crush the fruits and vegetables while they are passing through a strainer that slows down the process of juice extraction. In this way, they protect fruit fibers and enzymes from oxidation of the produce that otherwise rupture due to the high spinning speed; speaking technically, they evaporate in the form of micro-bubbles.

Extra 15% Juice:
This slow juicer helps people save their time, the same time providing the required nutrition with 15% extra juice for most products with the same input, may be broccoli, cabbage or pineapple. The people use this juicing machine to get them the vegetable and fruit intakes without eating them; some will prefer to drink, and a good machine often allows them doing so, in a fantastic way.

The promising quality and long life makes J8006 fantastic as a home juicer besides juice bars. Its automatic mechanism ensures the untouched squeezing to provide pure and hygienic juice for anybody using this machine. If any of the parts goes out of order, the company promises to replace or repay the whole value, incurred during delivery and return.

The people who own this juicer like that it comes with a 10 year warranty. One can simply reassemble its parts, in reverse, after completing the juicing and cleaning operations. That is what the people preferred in the juicers.

Juicer Ratings 2014

People have the craze to see the reviews and daily picks with price relating to top juicer, at one point. Now, everybody is free to buy them clicking through any link and get 20-40 % discount within the next 12 hours, subject to price and discount variation.

TitleOmega VRT350S Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed JuicerBreville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow JuicerJay Kordich PGP001 Juice for Life PowerGrind Pro Power Juicer with FULL MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTYKuvings GMPD3530U Multi-Purpose Masticating Juicer, LimeChampion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 - WHITE MODELBreville 800CPXL Die-Cast Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press
PackageWeight18 pound20.85 pound16.9 pound18.4 pound24.7 pound15 pound
ColorSilverSilverBlackLimeWhiteBrushed Stainless
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Best Citrus Juicer

Jack Lallane Power Juicer
Jack Lalanne stainless-Steel Power Juicer extracts juice from each vegetable and citrus fruit but for the need of having two different machines for the same purpose. The non-stop juicing capacity without cleaning the basket is giving utmost satisfaction to its users, besides, fetching Excellency award to this juicing tool. Also, this is the evidence of cheap juicers competing with costly ones, proving to an extent, there is no relationship between the cost and quality.

The machine comes in four designs, Deluxe, Classic, Elite, and last is the power-juice-pro. Owning a juicer already and thinking to replace it, or buying a fresh one is always, a difficult task. All the models might be perfect for their reasons, but the last one with the stainless-steel mesh is safer than others. Moreover, it won’t occupy much of your space, being compact and sleek

The actual juice reaches the large pitcher of the machine after extraction, because the built-in pot separates the seeds and the juice, ready to store in the refrigerator, since it comes with a lid to make sure any spillover. Another thing one must remember, keep the juicer clean after each use to prevent any citric deterioration.

Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain

Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain...
Make Juicing a Fun:
Won’t you like a juicer that fills up a glass of 200 ml within 6 seconds, and feeling satisfied to see the fully squeezed and dry pulp, giving more juice and daily fun with fruits. No problem if you kids are fussy over eating vegetable, blend them to a surprising taste getting a rather healthier drink.

The Breville has amazed the consumer market with its juice series. There are several reasons besides the fantastic reputation that make it stand apart from other ones, the long lasting and durable alloys used in the manufacturing of the blades of this juicing fountain. One needs to find the top juicers review to decide the model for him and know where to buy it. You always get more than the worth spent considering the stunning features of BJE510XL.

Stylish Design with More Power:
The robust machine combines the ease of grinding and power effects with a stylish design to match any kitchen model. Also, extracts efficiently almond and soya milks without any exception of wheat-grass that makes it favorite among avid juicers.

Champion Commercial Juicer

Champion is a heavy duty commercial juicer about the 250 mark, and from many reviews, it rates around 4.5 out of 5. The Champion commercial and household juice makers are currently available in just two colors. This juicer model includes double warranty, i.e., ten years for most of its parts, incorporated with the latest technology. A big plus for this tool is the user friendliness and low maintenance. Moreover, the pulp separates automatically into the disposable bags which make it easy and quick to clean within no time.

With the start of their manufacturing since 1955, the Champion are leading the market through their quality and performance. The stainless assembly ensures to provide the odorless quality juices. One can easily make many recipes, fruit ice cream and sauces due to its versatile utility. Its die-cast steel blades make it more considerable than any ordinary juicer.

In comparison to most of the juicers at the moment, the Champion is way extra versatile. One can also make baby meals and many a different sausages. Simple to name a couple of the other wholesome and pure recipes, one can prepare by way of this juicing machine. Sturdy and strong components in the Champions withstand the high juicing pressure. The worth it offers for price and warranty is what make it one of the top in line machines.

2 in 1 Breville BJB840XL Juice cum Blend Review:
The fifth is BJB840XL Juice and Blend Dual-Purpose model with five different speeds and a wide chute process that allows you to insert whole of the larger fruits. This juicer is simple to use and easy to wash which are two important things for consumers. Like most juicers, it lasts long and is safe with dishwasher.

Functioning of BJB840XL:

I would like to give priority to the juice and blend combo whenever needed to change over. The BJB840XL from Breville has come forward as the most successful and innovative machine. It is not too expensive looking into the utility of double functioning that means half the rate, at the same time frees up sufficient space in modular kitchens. Moreover, the combo design is such that there is no inconvenience to replace any of the attachment.

The regular consumers praise the combo for its quality and overall convenience. Next, is the inbuilt overload protection with latest blades and bowls technically. There is a pocket under the base to store the cable after use. The 40 Oz jug including froth separator serves there to remove the extra foam produced over the juice. On the whole, one is never wrong to invest in such a pack of useful juicer and blender.

The Super Angel Industrial Juicer:
The angel is a quality built machine that is just as efficient in blending frozen fruit as a regular one. The clean-up is minimal, and it is hardly making any mess. The stainless steel makes this one of the most durable and arduous juicer hard to find for making pulp free juice.
Super Angel 5500 Smallest recommends this juicer for large families who want to hail in healthy styles. The recipe book accompanied with the smart gadget allows one to enjoy daily exotic drinks for a longer time. Being a juice lover I tried many a cheap devices, but none appealed me beyond this lifetime contender. Click below or on the above image to read Super Angel reviews, and the right source to buy this gadget.

Now, that one knows some of the specifications on the class juicing he can make a more educated decision about his next purchase. These juicers in all have excellent reviews, great warranties, and enough satisfied customers to back up all about their greatness.

I do not say all of you will like them as good in the order as I do, but it serves as a good point to start with for any newbie. If you ask for my recommendation, it’s still number one on the list the 800JEXL Juice Fountain.

I am sure everyone enjoyed reading the dynamic comparisons; some may be debatable and the others convincing. Share them with your friends and colleagues by clicking the buttons for Facebook and Twitter giving all of a sudden chance for their comfortable reading.