About Us

We are a group of engineers who love to write about the things that interest us. We often found that the things that interested one of us were also pretty fascinating for others. So we gradually built this site to share our ideas with the whole world. We did not want to limit our interests to a handful of people. We write about mostly products that we tried recently, or had a chance to use or see the products at our friends, relatives and family”s houses. Our shared experiences in form of writing serves as an important guide for people looking for information about those products.

No one can compare bookish product specifications with hands-on-review by a real person who actually used the product. If you have had a chance to use some recent product and will like to share your experience with others, don’t hesitate to send it to us. No matter good or bad, we welcome both types of reviews based on your personal opinions.

Your reviews will help a lot others to make educated decisions. If you feel that a particular product has been over promised in description section by its manufacturer, but actually it does not work so well, then please save others from making the same mistake as you. It will also serve as a fair revenge from the bad brand and poor customer service that you got in the first place.